Red Bull

Introducing the Red Bull Collaboration

This is a project I’ve been working on for a very long time. It’s been an interesting ride and couldn’t be happier to finally share with you the sticks I designed in collaboration with Naked and Red Bull. It's definitely my favourite and the most personal project I have done so far. I'm stoked and really proud of the finished products. I can't wait to see some photos of you playing with them.

Felix Denayer

Belgium Captain, Gold Medallist - Olympics, World Cup, Europeans

The journey so far!

It is great to be involved with Naked to help shape the future of the sport I love so much. We value the same things on and off the field and share a passion for clean, stripped back design and products focused on performance.

My lifestyle & experiences provide feedback to find the sweet spots we are looking for. Taking our product development to new levels and adding to the athlete spirit that’s at the core of our high-performing culture.

Thrilled to be on this team. Let’s continue to push limits & Live Life Naked 🤘

A match made in hockey heaven

It's been over a year in the making.

We started with our most popular stick shape, the Supreme low bow, made some performance adjustments and finished with the iconic Naked, minimalist design. 

The Red Bull Power for players who like devastating power in Red Bull can silver and the Red Bull Touch for those who favour control and first touch over power.

These sticks will definitely give you wings.

Naked Red Bull Power

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We present the Red Bull Power x Felix Denayer Naked stick.

Phenomenal control and extraordinary power. the Red Bull Power is ultra stiff and light but packs the mightiest punch. it's made with japanese Toray Carbon and reinforced with swedish, TeXtreme® carbon which is one of the most advanced carbons on the planet, used in planes, race bikes and formula 1 cars.

What sort of player is this for?

The Red Bull Power is aimed at top level players who have excellent control. It's the most powerful stick in the Naked range and can be used by players in all positions. Light but balanced more towards the head it allows close control and gives devastating power.

Tech Specs

  • Bow type: Low
  • Bow Position: 200mm
  • Bow Height: 24.5mm
  • Weight: 525-545gm
  • Balance Point: 39cm
  • Head Thickness: 21mm
  • Silica face
  • Carbon: 100% Toray®, reinforced with TeXtreme®



Quite simply the best hockey equipment there is. With Naked I have achieved great things.

Vincent Vanasch, Olympic Gold Medallist, Belgium

I was one of the first professional athletes to choose Naked. I am so glad I did. The gear is top class.

Liam Ansell, GB Olympian

As an international athlete, I need the best equipment available. That's why I choose Naked.

Lien Hillewaert, Belgium Red Panthers

Red Bull x Naked