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Naked Resistance Bands

Naked Resistance Bands


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Naked Resistance bands are a great addition to any strength training routine or rehabilitation program and come in a variety of strengths. This portable exercise equipment is also easily stored, making it perfect for home use, hotel workouts, or when you're tight on space at the gym.

1. Tone and strengthen

As resistance bands stretch, they create increased tension in your muscles and cause them to contract.

2. Add assistance, not just resistance

Resistance bands can also assist your progress with difficult exercises.

3. Great for stretching

These stretchy bands are a fantastic addition to your stretching routine, especially if you lack flexibility and mobility. A resistance band enables you to increase the range of motion and deepen the stretch as you gently move the band either away or towards your body.

4. Increase Range of Motion

Resistance bands work your muscles like weights do – your muscles contract to generate force to stabilise and control the desired movement. However, unlike weights, resistance bands don’t rely on gravity to provide the resistance. This means that the body can move and expand the range of motion in certainel excercises.

Resistance bands have been the staple for those in rehabilitation from a sports or muscle-related injury. This is because resistance bands don’t apply pressure in the way that weights do, keeping your joints and everything else safe.